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Henderson Village is a hotel located in Perry, Georgia


History of Henderson Village

A Brief History of Henderson Village

Mr. Bernhard Schneider, originally from Munich, Germany, purchased Henderson Village, then a 3,500 acre farm, in 1979. In 1994, Mrs. Newberry offered to sell Mr. Schneider her home, if he promised to maintain it. That was the first of many home purchases. After acquiring the homes, Mr. Schneider decided that a bed and breakfast would be the perfect accompaniment to the properties.

Henderson Village quietly opened in the summer of 1998 with several separate buildings, including six old tenant cottages and four homes. ABS Farms is the owner of Henderson Village and the vision of this special place was to create a unique country resort with historic soul and integrity of a home away from home from a bygone era.

During the resorts development, Mr. Bernhard Schneider had the vision of creating a village. Reflecting on his childhood, he remembers at 9 years old watching the American soldiers as they marched through his occupied German village at the end of World War II and took up residence in the hotel that his aunt owned.

The soldiers spent Sunday afternoons watching American films, and Mr. Schneider recalls seeing one particular love story set in the South. The film left beautiful images of the South in his young mind: large, white houses with columns, large verandas, and friendly people. It was then that he set his sights on working diligently to one day own a plantation of his own in the South.

All of the accommodations at Henderson Village are superbly preserved, while providing the modern comforts of a luxury resort. The rooms at Henderson Village include guest rooms and suites that are donned with beautiful antique furnishings, some with claw-footed or jetted tubs, fireplaces and all have cozy featherbeds.