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Hotel Perry, Perry Hotel, Bed and Breakfast Perry Georgia, Wedding Locations and Conference Center in Perry, Georgia - Henderson Village, located in Perry, GA


Meet the Team

Jose Gonzalez - General Manager

  • Over fifteen years of hospitality management experience
  • General Manager for some of the nation's most popular hotels & conference centers
  • Earned a Master of Business Administration (equivalent) from Cali University, Columbia, South America
  • Some of Jose's accolades include Manager of the Year in 2005 and 2003, Manager of the Year nominee in 2001, Hilton Star Award nominee for the 4th Quarter of 2000, Manager of the Quarter nominee in 1999 for the 4th quarter
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Joined Henderson Village in January 2007

Alex Gonzalez - Executive Chef

  • Extensive culinary background
  • Experience working in large cities known for their wonderful cuisines such as Chicago
  • Was head chef for six years and was promoted to Executive Chef in January 2007

Linda Keen - Executive Housekeeper

  • Born and raised in Perry, Georgia
  • 30 years of housekeeping experience
  • Child Care Development certificate from Houston County Vocational (now Middle Georgia Technical)
  • Joined Henderson Village in 1998. Started out in the housekeeping department, was promoted to guest reception and then promoted again to Executive Housekeeper

Benny Taylor - Gamelands Manager

  • Has enjoyed living in middle Georgia since 1979
  • Started working for Mr. Bernhard Schneider at ABS Farms in 1991. Benny joined Mr. Schneider in 1998 when he opened Henderson Village in 1998
  • Was promoted to Gamelands Manager in 1999